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Pch Wrap

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PCH Wrap
2008-12-05 Main Dish
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This simple dish is a wrap made out of ham and filled with mashed potatoes and corn. What a way to use leftovers for a tasty snack.

  • Servings: 10-15


1 Ham Roast
1 bag Frozen Corn
1 bag Mashed Potato Flakes


Cut up the ham into thin slices so it looks like deli meat. Cook the ham while you cook the frozen corn per directions. While all of that is cooking, also prepare the mashed potatoes per directions. Then, when everything is done, mix the potatoes and corn together in a big bowl. Lay out a couple of slices of ham and scoop up the corn and potato mix and lay it on the ham as if you're making a wrap. Then, fold up ham and enjoy!